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Rozanne Gold’s Turkey Tips
Chef Rozanne Gold
Star Cookbook Author

  1. Make sure to order your fresh turkey ahead of time to make sure it is truly fresh (never frozen). Buy an organic turkey if you can.
  2. Sometimes I make 2 smaller turkeys rather than 1 huge turkey when serving a crowd. You have more control in keeping the turkey moist. Sometimes I roast a few additional turkey legs for those who like dark meat. I bake them in a separate shallow casserole and add a little stock and butter. I keep them covered so they stay moist and then remove the cover 1 hour before they finish cooking.
  3. Carefully follow the technique in my recipe for covering and uncovering the breast with foil, and for basting, to insure a moist bird.
  4. Use giblets to make a quick stock
  5. Use a quick-read meat thermometer and remove turkey when it is between 160-165°F in the thigh.
  6. Choose recipes for the rest of your menu that can be made ahead of time -- some that actually improve with age, e.g. soup, sweet potatoes, wild rice, and dessert.
..Published: November 2004