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Turkey Tips
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turkey TIPS

chef jody denton
Merenda–Bend, OR

  1. Always brine or inject the turkey. It's a large piece of meat and
    the flavor will only penetrate the very outside layer when basting while brining or injecting allows the flavor to penetrate throughout the meat.
  2. Rest the turkey. After the turkey comes out of the oven, don't go cutting into it right away. If you do, the juices will run out like a river and your bird will be dry. Let it rest for at least 20 minutes to let the juices settle down and to allow the inner temperature of the bird to equalize. You will lose less juice and your turkey will be more moist.
  3. Don't try to struggle with carving the turkey from the carcass. Cut the breasts off in their entirety and then cut the meat in large pieces from the legs, then slice the meat all at once. It's just easier.