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Turkey Tips
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turkey TIPS

chef scott campbell
SQC–New York, NY

  1. Remove turkey primal cuts from bird before cooking.A great way to prepare turkey in 45 minutes is by breaking down the bird into prime cuts, leaving you a lot of precious time for the rest of your entertaining preparations. Cut turkey breast and the leg away from the whole bird. Sear turkey breast, skin side down, to ensure crisp skin. Place in oven to finish off for a breast with great texture, and crispy skin.
  2. Don't overcook -- that's the key to a moist bird. While most recipes say to cook until 180°F, I recommend taking the turkey breast out at 165°F-170°F to prevent it from becoming too dry. Turkey leg should be cooked a bit longer, until 170°F. The breast should be pink and thigh should be pink at the bone.
  3. Be creative with stuffing, add fresh greenmarket ingredients, such as pumpkin or chestnut-cornbread stuffing which I serve at the restaurant.