Culinary Arts Trends Questionnaire 2005
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Culinary Arts Trends Questionnaire 2005
Take the Culinary Trends Questionnaire and tell us your thoughts on emerging trends in culinary arts. You do not have to be an executive chef to complete this survey, but we do encourage all culinary professionals to participate. The questions will take only a few moments of your time and the results will be posted on to inform you and fellow chefs. We appreciate your feedback!
* Indicates this information is required
1. What is your gender?
* Male Female
2. What is your age?
3. What is your zip code?
4. Please describe your place of work?
5. How would you best describe your typical diner?
If other, please describe
6. What is your number one selling dish?
7. What, if anything, have you done to increase your total check average in the past year?
8. In the past year, have you offered customers:
*(at least one option needs to be selected)
A la Carte Menu
Prix Fixe Menu
Tasting Menu
Chefs Table
Small Plates to Share (tapas-style)
Large, family-style portions to share
Experimental Food (please describe in detail)
Other (please describe in detail)
None of the Above
If you chose experimental food, please describe in detail
If you chose other, please describe in detail
What percentage of your produce (meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables) is:
9. Fresh, seasonal
10. Frozen, used year-round
11. Locally grown or farmed
12. Nationally grown or farmed
13. Imported from other countries
14. How much do you charge, on average, for an entree in your restaurant?
15. If you offer a Tasting Menu, how much do you charge per person?
16. In the past year, have you offered customers:
*(at least one option needs to be selected)
low-carb dishes
reduced-calorie dishes
reduced-fat dishes
none of the above
17. What region of the world do you think will most influence culinary arts in North America next year?
*(at least one option needs to be selected)
Americas (including North, South, Central, Latin, and Carribean)
Europe (including British Isles and Scandanavia)
Asia (including India, Arabia, Far, Middle and Near East)
Australasia (including Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and Indonesia)
If other, please describe
18. Which specific country do you think will have the most influence on cuisine in America?
19. What techniques, chemicals or special equipment do you utilize in your kitchen?
*(at least one option needs to be selected)
Sous vide
Liquid Nitrogen
Gem Scale
Low-temp Ovens (Hold-o-Mat)
Cold Plate
Other (please describe)
None of the Above
If other, please describe
20. How many ingredients do you feel are optimal in creating a dish?
If other, please explain
Please indicate where you think the trends in culinary arts are headed
21. Taste:
*(Please rank in order, 1 being most important)
Use of more familiar, classic flavors and ingredients
Use of less familiar, exotic flavors and ingredients
Focus on the product; locally grown, seasonal ingredients
Use of sensory deception (what you see is not what you taste)
Significant integration of sweet and savory flavors
22. Technique:
*(at least one option needs to be selected)
Complicated techniques using innovative equipment
Simpler, classic techniques using traditional equipment
Increased use of scientific knowledge and chemistry
23. Plating:
*(at least one option needs to be selected)
More elaborate plating and design
Simpler, home-style plating and garnish
Food as art
24. What trends do you see emerging in menu design?
*(at least one option needs to be selected)
More detailed descriptions of dishes
Use of farm or producer names
Simpler, "less is more" descriptions that allow freedom in dish execution
Use of glossaries, ingredient explanations
Name of Executive Chef on menu
Name of Pastry Chef on Menu
25. What other trends do you see emerging in culinary arts?
26. What do you find most rewarding about being a chef?
27. What is your ultimate career goal?
If other, please explain
28. What do you see as the greatest challenge as a chef in your local market?
29. What do you see as the greatest barrier to success in becoming a top chef in America?
30. What is your e-mail address? (your information will not be shared with a third party)