En Attendant Brigitte To Go
Chef Will Goldfarb of Room 4 Dessert – New York, NY
Adapted by StarChefs.com
June 2009
Yield: 4 Servings


En Attendant Brigitte To GoHibiscus Jello:
400 milliliters water
1 packet Knox unflavored gelatin
80 grams sugar
20 grams hibiscus flowers
20 milliliters vodka

Cacao Sorbet:
180 milliliters milk
30 grams egg white powder
80 grams sugar
2 leaves gelatin
80 grams Myocryo (cocoa butter)
200 grams cocoa pulp
20 grams Pyrat Pistol rum

Praline Nibs:
100 grams grue de cacau
100 grams sugar

Nibs Juice:
100 grams brisures of praline nibs
3 milliliters Pyrat Pistol rum
100 milliliters water
20 grams sugar

Basil Cocoa Caviar:
100 grams basil seeds
500 milliliters water
Nibs juice, to coat

Orange Puree:
100 milliliters water
20 grams sugar
1 Bahia orange

Passion Cloud:
300 milliliters water
50 grams egg white powder
300 milliliters sugar
2 leaves gelatin
300 milliliters passion fruit juice

Coconut pow


For the Hibiscus Jello:
Dissolve the gelatin in 100 milliliters of water. Bring the remaining sugar and water to a boil. Infuse the hibiscus, covered, for at least 4 minutes and up to 24 hours. Strain the infusion and bring to 122°F. Add water/gelatin mix and dissolve. Add vodka, strain, and allow to set in a shallow tray about 5 centimeters deep. Cut into 5-centimeter by 5-centimeter cubes.

For the Cacao Sorbet:
Dissolve egg white powder in 60 milliliters of milk. Bring the remaining 120 milliliters of milk and the sugar to a boil to dissolve the sugar. Off the heat, dissolve the gelatin, then add the cocoa butter and emulsify. In a Vita-Prep® , emulsify the cocoa fruit with rum. Slowly incorporate cocoa butter emulsion and milk/egg white mixture into the Vita-Prep® . Strain over ice and chill to 39°F. Freeze in a pacojet container and process to order.

For the Praline:
Bring sugar and 25 milliliters of water to 250°F. Add nibs and sablee. When fully crystallized, empty pan onto parchment. Return to clean pan and gently caramelize. Roll between 2 sheets of parchment paper and reserve to cool and dry. When cold, pulverize in Robot Coupe and pass through the tamis. Reserve brisures only, and save the powder for alternate use.

For the Nibs Juice:
Mix nibs praline with rum. Boil the water and sugar, and pour over praline/rum mixture. Allow to cool and then vacuum seal at maximum vacuum. Cook for 36-60 hours at 150°F. Strain and reserve seeds seperately.

For the Caviar:
Rehydrate the basil seeds in water and strain. Toss with nibs juice to coat.

For the Orange Puree:
Bring the water and sugar to a boil. Zest the orange on a microplane and blanch and refresh three times. Gently confit the zest in the syrup. Meanwhile, segment the orange into supremes. Puree the remaining pulp in Vita-Prep®, allowing the friction to cook and set the puree. Strain and reserve, and gently mix all three components, cold.

For the Passion Cloud:
Mix half of the water with egg white powder to rehydrate. Bring the remaining water and the sugar to a boil; add the bloomed gelatin and dissolve. Cool to 122°F then progressively mix in the gelled syrup, passion fruit, and egg white mixture. Cool to 39° degrees and mount in the mixer. Freeze in demisphere molds, filling the center with the orange puree. Cover with the second demisphere and reserve frozen.

To Assemble and Serve:
Starting from the left, mount one cube of hibiscus jello on a rectangular showplate. Next, on a frozen chinese spoon, place one spoonful of coconut powder. Quenelle the sorbet, place in the spoon, top with dende oil. Mix the basil seeds with the praline powder and spoon into an egg cup. Place the frozen passion sphere into a round convex dish. Serve immediately.

Wine Pairing:
“Vin Doux Naturel,” Bressy Masson, Rasteau