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  • Randell Iceless Fish Cutting Station
  • Custom-Crafted Butchering Table with FX Series Refrigeration Drawers
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    • Custom-Crafted Butchering Table with FX Series Refrigeration
    • Randell Iceless Fish Cutting Station
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      Randell: Chef-Inspired Solutions

      Randell Custom Chef Tables with FX series refrigeration precise temperature capabilities

      Randell provides customized table and refrigeration designs to turn your prep table into the ideal work station. 

      Custom Chef Tables can be loaded with options such as soup wells, pre-wired overshelves, sinks, single-point connections, warming drawers, heat lamps, storage racks… the possibilities are endless.

      The FX Series revolutionizes point of use refrigeration by allowing the operator to adjust the temperatures from 0°F (freezer) operation up to 40°F (refrigerator) or any setting in between, utilizing its unique convertible refrigeration system. Using a patented technology that provides 100% in-drawer cooling, this ultra-efficient self-contained system provides precise temperature control without compromising operator flexibility.


      The Randell Sous-Vide Packet Management System
      *Winner of the 2010 StarChefs Innovator Award

      Innovator Award for the Randell Sous-Vide packet Management System
      Innovator Award for the Randell Sous-Vide Packet Management System
      The Randell Sous-Vide packet Management System is a self-contained temperature management system for vacuum or non-vacuum cooking methods. The temperature management system provides optimum food safety through all phases of hot and cold temperature management, allowing the end-user to store materials and manage temperature.
      The Randell Custom-crafted Butchering Table

      The Publican Butchering Table
      the Publican Butchering Table
      Randell worked with Chef Paul Kahan to create an all-purpose custom-crafted Butchering Table with Randell FX Series refrigeration drawers. Says Kahan, “Its all part of looking for ways to improve productivity, safety, and sustainability.”

      “The Randell custom-crafted butchering table is equipped with two FX drawers which allows me the flexibility to set precise temperatures for each drawer between -5ºF and 40ºF as needed, and the surface of the table is refrigerated to keep ingredients cold during preparation. The top drawer is set to a very low temperature where sausage meats are frozen to ensure a clean grind, and then after stuffing, immediately placed back into the bottom drawer, which is set at a refrigerated temperature to maintain food safety.”

      “The goal was to take out opportunities for food to spoil,” explains Kahan, “We’re now able to keep products cold at all stages of preparation…Its all part of looking for ways to promote productivity, safety, and sustainability.”


      GW Fins Fish Table featuring FX Refrigeration
      GW Fins Fish Table featuring FX Refrigeration
      Randell partnered with Chef Tenney Flynn to create a custom prep table for all seafood:

      “My challenge to the Randell team was: design me a system that keeps my most delicate fish at the exact temperature during prep- ensuring freshness from fin to fillet without ice.”

      Chef/Partner, GW Fins
      New Orleans, LA



      Enabling Excellence

      Groen Eclipse tilting Braising Pan
      The Groen Eclipse tilting Braising Pan
      The Groen Eclipse tilting Braising Pan

      Chef Paul Kahan and his team use The Groen Eclipse tilting Braising Pan at Big Star, his new Taqueria and bar in Wicker Park, Chicago. Chef Kahan highlights even cooking, safety, efficiency, and easier clean-up as the best features of the Braising Pan:

      “The pan’s heat is fast and very consistent which has virtually eliminated hot spots and the waste due to scorching. Rounded corners make it easy to stir your ingredients and the pan tilts, so we are able pour product from the braising pan directly into containers made for handling hot foods and liquids. This has virtually eliminated back strains and burns.”

      “The clean-up is significantly easier. From start-to-finish, it’s all done in just one pan, which reduces water, labor, and cleaning chemicals. And because the Groen braising pan features open leg construction, it’s easy to keep the surrounding area clean as well.” 

      The Groen Eclipse tilting Braising Pan features:

    • Water resistant controls
    • 3” radius seamless interiors for durability and ease of cleaning
    • Easy-to-clean rounded leg stands
    • Center tilt pour lip for minimal surge or drip

      EcoArch Energy Efficient Ventilation Systems

      Avtec EcoArch
      Avtec EcoArch
      The Eco Arch hood is the most energy efficient, operations friendly, exhaust only hood in the market today:

      • Best in class for energy efficiency: Easy to exceed 50% in annual savings; perfect for “Green Building” solutions.

      • Lower installation costs: Because less make-up air is required, duct work, fans, etc. are smaller.

      • Best in class for performance: Patent-pending arch design and high-velocity exhaust slot enable better capture & containment, and greatly reduce turbulence within the canopy.

      • Improves work environment & worker productivity: Extremely quiet operation.

      • Extremely easy to clean and maintain: The EcoArch’s front-mounted exhaust plenum allows for safer, easier cleaning and/or replacement of the filter medium.

      • Superior construction and stylized, contemporary look: Unlike competitors, front and top-of-hood mounted parts allow a very clean look from customer’s point of view.

      • EnviroSafe rated: Tougher standards for construction and performance.

      • Fastest payback: Designed to significantly reduce HVAC energy costs, lower installation costs, and cost less to operate than competitors, with no adverse effect on performance or food safety.

      • Full range of applications: Designs available to meet 400-700˚F cooking applications in either wall-mounted or island-style configurations.