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Meikos original 1927 dishwasher

Up Close
Chef Grant Achatz Chef Grant Achatz of Alinea

“I wanted to be the best egg flipper and mashed potato-maker. I was always in competition with people around me and myself—even when I was washing dishes… There was this moment of clarity when I was 14 or 15 that was less about cooking and more about the desire to achieve.”
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Chef Harold Dieterle Chef Harold Dieterle of Perilla
“I got into cooking when I was in high school and took a home economics class to meet girls…. I was a terrible student, a fairly serious tennis player, and all I really wanted to do was be in the kitchen and cook. My first job was washing dishes when I was 13…”
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Chef Jonathan Benno Chef Jonathan Benno of Per Se
Current chef de cuisine at Per Se and future executive chef of The Patina Group's new restaurant in Lincoln Center, Benno remarks that “cooking in a restaurant was a way to get out of the house at 16. I started as a dishwasher. Then it became a way to travel….”
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Meikos original 1927 dishwasher

May 18-21, 2013
Chicago, IL
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February 7-9, 2013
Orlando, FL
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"Be willing to do anything. Don't expect to come in as a sous chef. Start out as a dishwasher! Have some humility no matter how much training you have…and above all be nice!"
- Julia Child on advice she would give an aspiring chef

It’s a fact every chef knows: if your dishwasher breaks, you might as well shut down for the night.  Commercial dishwashers in a chef’s kitchen need to be quick, efficient – and ideally, leave your plateware and stemware without a spot on them.  Just think of all the time your staff would save not polishing off those water spots in time for service!

Then there are the environmental challenges.  The average restaurant consumes on average around 300,000 gallons of water per year. The biggest culprit? You guessed it: commercial dishwashers. They're are among the highest consumers of water, energy and chemicals in today’s kitchens.

MEIKO has maximized dishwashing technology to insure chefs spend fewer resources on cleaning and focus more time on cooking.

Innovative Engineering

MEIKO dishwashers provide standard features not available from the competition - not even as options.  If you’re concerned about space, MEIKO’s standard dishwashers include:

  • Construction: Double stainless steel walls, with a layer of insulation between – keeping your kitchen cooler and quieter – with large separations between wash and rinse areas: as a result your tableware is completely sanitized
  • Efficiency: A side-drive system providing an unobstructed wash of both bottoms AND tops of racks, ensuring a smooth guide - and no lost cutlery for a change.  Most dishwashers take care of just one side
  • Easy: A one-touch start and cycle selection with infrared communication controlled by you.  The machine takes care of the rest, automatic movement of the racks (with computer-positioned wash arms), maximizing water & energy savings.
  • Options options: choose between single-tank or multi-tank, electric or steam heat, 90-degree loaders and unloaders, external booster heaters – just to name a few!

There’s also a larger rack conveyer dishwasher, which offers the same insulated construction and engineering as its sister (handling up to 310 racks per hour while we’re at it!) but with a bit more to choose from:

  • It’s greener!  Utilizing MEIKO’s exclusive Waste Air Heat Recovery System, which reclaims heat from the hot air released – and recycles it to pre-heat the incoming rinse water.
  • You control it: MEIKO's new Mike 3 controller allows for simple operation and advanced service diagnostics, while providing an internal booster heater guaranteeing a constant pressure during sanitizing rinse
Options options: with even more to choose from: hinged doors, a chemical savings system, a revolutionary blower drying system that uses only 3kW for heating, saving you even more energy and heat (and who needs more heat in the kitchen?)

Low Energy Use

MEIKO’s dishwashers are all Energy Star® qualified, with some of the lowest water, energy and chemical consumption available on the market today.  The smaller dishwasher uses as little as 0.39 gallons per rack while the large unit uses even less: 0.28 gallons per rack.

Its Economical

MEIKO dishwashers are economical to operate: they minimize the waste, the energy, while saving you tons on operating costs.

And servicing?  With over 600 service network locations in North America, available 24/7, 365 days a year – all at no additional charge to you.