Fried Ganache
Chef Dirk Flanigan of The Gage - Chicago, IL
Adapted by
April 2009

1 liter plus 250 grams water
1.3 grams Texturas Citras
1.8 grams Texturas Algin
250 grams bittersweet chocolate
8 grams Calcic
Flour (for dusting)
Frying batter of your choice
Oil (for frying)

Blend 250 grams of water and Citras in a large bowl. Add the Algin and blend again. Strain into a pot and heat almost to a boil. Put the chocolate in a mixing bowl and pour the Citras-Algin mixture over the chocolate. Allow to sit for a moment, then whisk together the chocolate and liquid. Combine 1 liter of water with the Calcic. Scoop the ganache with a small spoon and drop the ganache balls into the Calcic mixture; allow to sit for 15 minutes. Remove the ganache and let it dry on paper towels. Roll the ganache balls in flour, dip them in batter, and fry until golden.