“My Julabo circulators have paid for themselves over and over again through effecting labor cost, product consistency and shrinkage, and not to mention the huge return on investment through guest satisfaction in the product it produces; these are remarkable machines and indispensable in the modern kitchen.”

Richard Rosendale, CMC
The Greenbrier, Executive Chef & Team Captain Culinary Olympic Team USA

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Dishes prepared by Chef Richard Rosendale using fusionChef equipment
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Why Julabo for Sous Vide?

Julabo is the premier global manufacturer of professional, high-end sous vide equipment. For over 40 years, Julabo has been an innovator in temperature control equipment. The chef-centric fusionChef product line provides the best features and benefits in a robust stainless steel construction package. With German-engineered temperature controllers, chefs can expect accurate product efficiency and durability.

Benefits of choosing fusionChef by Julabo
The fusionChef line provides the product specifications you need. fusionChef by Julabo products are used in many of the world’s best Michelin-starred restaurants, like: Selecting fusionChef for their sous vide needs, a chef can count on:
  • Durability: All stainless steel construction with smudge-proof circulator cover and water-proof display
  • Accuracy: Industry-leading temperature stability +/-0.05 °F (0.03 °C) and intuitive automatic calibration
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly, no configuration required
  • Options: Two circulator models and a variety of four bath sizes available to meet every chef’s needs
The fusionChef circulators have an unprecedented heating capability of 58 liters (15 gallons). The safety protection grid prevents the vacuum pouch from direct contact with the pump and heater. The circulating pump ensures optimal temperature stability and water distribution throughout the bath. Additional standard features include an optical and audible low level water alarm, vapor barrier protection, and temperature displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit. 

Which fusionChef model is right for you?

The Pearl model is convenient and simple to use. Simply select the desired temperature, enter the cooking time, and press OK. The integrated timer allows for easy monitoring of the elapsed or remaining cooking time.

The Diamond model combines all the unique features of the Pearl with additional and unmatched innovative functions, including:
  • Data-logging: Store the cooking time and temperature data of the bath and the external Pt100 core temperature sensor. The core temperature sensor penetrates the food to record and display the temperature of the food. The easy fusionChef software allows for the cooking times and temperatures to be downloaded and stored on your PC. Plus, time and temperature data can be used in accordance with HACCP guidelines.
  • Pre-set Temperature Memory Keys: Chefs can use pre-set temperature memory keys for three different types of food—meat, fish, and vegetables. Each key stores five recipes, and this feature provides optimal results and takes out any guess work.
  • Recipe Development: This feature allows chefs to record the cooking time necessary to reach a temperature set point. The determined cooking time can be stored in any of the timers for recall.
The Diamond circulator is the only circulator on the market with these advanced features. It is convenient, professional, and a dream machine for any chef cooking sous vide.

Both the Pearl and Diamond circulators can be easily mounted on any vessel or cooking pot with its attachment clamp. Plus, both models can also be combined with Julabo’s insulated bath tanks with sizes from 19 to 58 liters (5 to 15 gallons). Delivery includes a complete unit with your circulator mounted on a bridge.