Red Medicine Project
Chef Jordan Kahn – Beverly Hills, CA


Project Description:

Chef Jordan Kahn stepped out of the pastry spotlight and on to center stage in 2010 when he opened his first restaurant Red Medicine. Inspired in part by a musical reference, the name Red Medicine also calls to mind an approach of Eastern Medicine, which focuses on curing illness through natural means (i.e. lots and lots of herbs). Red Medicine is a Vietnamese restaurant which highlights the vast variety of plant-life in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas by incorporating herbs and naturally growing plants into virtually every dish. Chef Kahn often describes these dishes as "feminine". Each includes a handful of different herbs and flowers that add intricacy, delicateness, and vibrant colors against the muted dining room outfitted in grey tones.

Winner of the Jade Range Best Dish Competition at the 2010 Los Angeles Rising Stars Gala, Chef Kahn received his Jade plancha for his 'Compressed Native Strawberries, Beet, Cacao Fruit, Elderflower, and Violets'. The plancha has been and continues to be an essential tool in Jordan's kitchen.

Check out this tour of Chef Kahn’s Red Medicine while still under construction.

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LA Lukshon Sang Yoon LA Lukshon Sang Yoon LA Lukshon Sang Yoon

Restaurant Info:
Red Medicine
8400 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, LA 90211

Published: February 27 2012