MB Post Project
Chef David LeFreve - Manhattan Beach, CA


Project Description:

With a dining room of long wooden tables and beachy artwork painted directly onto facades, Chef David LeFreve's MB Post captures the essence of laid back summer days near the ocean. And that's the idea. LeFevre's Los Angeles outpost isn't about showcasing the latest sous vide application, sphere-ifying the day's catch, or otherwise reinventing the culinary wheel. It's about creating a warm neighborhood spot where there just happens to be an array of unfussy (but perfectly executed) ultra seasonal food, with the help of Jade.

"You need to be product-driven," says LeFevre, who has a broiler and a plancha at his restaurant and might change the menu at MB Post at a moment's notice. "The difference between MB Post and [my] last job is that I'm not trying to show the world how great a chef I am, but show off the product." Talking to LeFevre even for a few minutes - or perusing the cutely worded but seriously culinary menu at MB Post - you can tell there's a serious love affair going on here. Not that LeFevre is leaving technique behind. If anything, LeFevre is relying heavily on the technique learned in his formative years under Charlie Trotter, and later at Michelin-starred Water Grill. The trick is keeping technique hidden - which means using the right tools.

And for many of the Italian, Medterranean, and Asian-influenced items on the MB Post menu, the right tools means the right application of heat. Like many modern, product-conscious chefs, LeFevre works with a wide array of proteins and produce, keeping his vegetable coffers as stocked and varied as his meat and fish supply. That means he might be serving anything from Hawaiian Walu fish and Meyer Farm skirt steak to grilled shisito peppers and romaine on a given day. "We are close with a number of farms and fisherman - so we can see what is available in two weeks or know what's in season," he says. With that kind of precision built into his supply, LeFrevre relies on the right equipment for execution, i.e. the precision sear of a Jade plancha. "It's amazing what grows out here," he says. The trick is making sure you honor it with the right preparation.

Check out David LeFevre showing us how he uses a Jade plancha to sear Maine diver scallops.

Watch Chef David LeFevre make delicious lamb on his Jade broiler.

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Restaurant Info:
MB Post
1142 Manhattan Avenue
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 545-5405

Published: January 25 2013