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Lukshon Project
Chef Sang Yoon – Culver City, CA


Project Description:

Making art generally requires tools, and cuisine is no different. At the center of Chef Sang Yoon’s highly customized kitchen at Lukshon is a self-designed Jade island suite outfitted with 24” Woks, a pasta cooker, fryers, holding drawers, broilers, and more.

Enter Lukshon and one immediately notices a wide open kitchen. Bright lighting there provides a sharp contrast to a dimly lit dining room. Chef Sang Yoon proudly displays his custom Jade suite, and why not? He practically re-thought, re-structured, and re-designed the entire unit to his own specifications.

Not a single piece of equipment in the suite is “off the shelf.” Sang successfully designed his custom island suite by recognizing and adapting to his limited space. In order to have all of the equipment he wanted in a confined space, he decided to shrink the housing/box of the suite as well as each individual piece of equipment.

In designing his own equipment, Sang also made a significant contribution to Jade, whose willingness to collaborate paid huge dividends in the form of invaluable feedback. Changing the scale of the equipment quickly exposed some of their inefficiencies. With each recommendation, Sang provided Jade with critical advice on improving equipment. He also pushed Jade Range forward as an organization, challenging its products design and performance.

One example of Sang’s contribution stemmed from his absolute insistence for a pristinely clean kitchen. Jade answered the call by incorporating new features into the suite which allowed Sang and his staff easier access to hard-to-reach areas. One of those new features included a slide-out piece of metal on the broiler which doubled as a shelf and easier-to-clean grease shield, now known as “The Sang Shield”. Another change to his suite included dropping the floor of the Woks to allow for a more natural/comfortable feel for the cook.

Taste his food and one will immediately be impressed with Sang as a Chef. Hear the story behind his incredible self-designed kitchen and truly engineered systems and one may just begin to understand Sang’s talents beyond building a fantastic menu!

LA Lukshon Sang Yoon LA Lukshon Sang Yoon LA Lukshon Sang Yoon
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Restaurant Info:
3239 Helms Avenue
Culver City, California 90232

Published: February 03 2012

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