Hobart 3000 Slicer: Redesigned by You  
Introducing The Hobart Legacy Mixer
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Fresh Gnocchi with Bolognese Sauce
Chef Dante de Magistris
Il Casale in Belmont, MA
Chef Dante de Magistris of il Casale in Belmont, MA uses his Hobart mixer to create tender gnocchi with bolognese sauce, accented by an herb salt—made with his Hobart meat grinder—that’s seductively redolent of the Italian countryside.
  • Hobart 3000 Slicer
  •   Hobart mixers have been providing reliable support—faithfully whipping, beating, and kneading—since 1913. But the Legacy mixer goes even beyond its predecessors, featuring cutting-edge technology and innovations designed specifically with a chef’s needs in mind. In fact, the Legacy is the direct result of feedback from Hobart’s consulting chefs, managers, operators, and foodservice professionals about what they are looking for in a mixer. The Legacy is a mixer that offers reliability and durability, mixing consistency, easy operation , and operator protection—what more could you ask for?

    The Legacy HL200
    Reliability & Durability

    Hobart’s special motor design and construction ensures that each Legacy mixer enjoys a long life. In contrast to other mixers’ motors that go from zero to full rpm in one burst, Hobart’s specially-designed SoftStart gradually increases rpm, extending the overall life of the mixer.

    Moreover, the gears and shafts, made of heat-treated, hardened alloy steel, are sized to handle larger loads, extending the life of the entire machine.

    The Legacy’s powder coat paint makes it extremely durable, providing a higher level of corrosion resistance.

    Mix Consistency
    Hobart mixers have always been the industry standard for mixing consistency. The Legacy has the same fixed agitator speeds that have always been a trademark of Hobart’s mixers. But the Legacy takes this mixing consistency and improves upon it with innovations to address the critical issues of productivity, cost management, and food safety:
    • The SmartTimer™ allows you to have much more control over the entire mixing process.
    • Stir Speed allows you to start the mixer without worrying about any product splashing out.
    • The Legacy’s swing out bowl is the only one of its kind. The swing out bowl makes it simple to add ingredients, take out product, and remove the bowl.
    The Legacy HL600
    Ease of Use
    The Legacy’s cutting-edge features don’t make it difficult to use, though. In fact, the Legacy’s smart technology makes it easy to operate in the rapid pace of a busy kitchen—there’s no learning curve for this piece of essential kitchen equipment.

    The Legacy’s Automatic Time Recall remembers the last speed for you, making it ideal for mixing multiple batches of the same product.

    Easy Cleaning
    The Legacy’s Splash Guard ensures product doesn’t splash out onto the mixer. Plus, the base of the machine is even designed for easy cleaning, featuring an open design with rounded corners. Moreover, the Bowl Guard is easily removable to allow for proper cleaning.

    Operator Protection

    A machine can feature all the best technology in the world, but if it doesn’t protect the operator, it doesn’t matter. The Legacy has a number of protective features built into the machine to ensure the operator’s safety. For example, the Bowl Guard must be in place before starting (the machine won’t turn on without it). Bowl Height Sensing is another feature designed to ensure that the bowl is fully raised before the mixer will start.