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Le Veneziane Corn Pasta

9 oz.

$2.29 per package

OR 10% OFF Case of 12

Yes, in Italy’s northeast (Veneto, Friuli Venezia-Giulia) corn (mais) is every bit as important as wheat and rice. Corn is usually turned into cornmeal for polenta, which is ubiquitous in this part of Italy, and varies in texture according to local preference and tradition. Some Italians like it porridge-y (all’onda, meaning "wavy"); others prefer it firm – not quite like our cornbread, but at least as firm as say, mashed potatoes. But here we import from a pasta maker – the only pasta maker in the world – who uses corn to make gorgeous pasta that is 100% corn – no wheat, no nothing else except corn. It is as golden as brass, it has a wonderful mouth feel and it tastes as nutty and corny as might be expected. But for the millions who are digestively intolerant of wheat, pasta is no longer a stomachache nor is it a heartache for the tremendous void one faces without it. This is a unique, gorgeous and exclusive product we found last year. We import it in cases packed 12-250 g (about nine ounces) and it is available in the following cuts: cappellini (thinner than linguini), tagliatelle (like fettuccini), fettucce (slightly wider "ribbons" than tagliatelle), eliche (spirals, like fusilli), penne rigate (quills "lined" – rigate cling to sauce better than "lisce", meaning smooth), and tubetti rigati ("lined" elbows). Cook it just like regular pasta. Stunning color.

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