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the International Anise Spirit

America’s best chefs know that Pernod, the international anise spirit, is a versatile ingredient in the kitchen. With its natural flavor distilled from anise, fennel, parsley, chamomile, coriander, and other aromatic herbs, it’s no wonder Pernod is found in the pantries of top chefs worldwide, from Emeril Lagasse to Jacques Pépin and Marcus Samuelsson.
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Pernod 101

Harold McGee, food scientist and Harold McGee on StarChefs.comcelebrated author of On Food & Cooking, offers his insights on Pernod and why cooking with this distinctive spirit differs from other liquors and wines.


Pernod Chef Recipes

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these chef recipes on www.pernod-usa.com that demonstrate Pernod’s ability to transform everyday ingredients into new and exciting dishes.

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Chef Marcus Samuelsson of Aquavit
Gravlax in Pernod
Pernod Granita

Chef Fabio Trabocchi of Maestro
Mediterranean Sea Bass with Fennel and Pernod
Pernod Sorbet

Chef Sandro Gamba of NoMI
Poached Halibut with Pernod-Flavored Bouillabaisse
Langoustine Risotto with Pernod, Zucchini and Japanese Cucumber

Chef Gale Gand of TRU
Chocolate Pernod Semi Freddo

Chef Wayne Nish of March
Savory Oyster Panna Cotta with Pernod

Chef Guenter Seeger of Seeger’s
Loup de Mer Poached in Pernod, Cucumber Salad, Osetra Caviar, Nasturtium Flowers

Chef John Villa of Dominic
Bucatini with Sardines, Fennel, Raisins and Pernod

Chef Bryce Whittlesey of Wheatleigh
Grilled John Dory with Fennel Salad and Mauresque Pernod Sauce

Chef Tory McPhail of Commander’s Palace
Fried P&J Oysters with Sazerac Vinaigrette


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   Published: December 2005