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NY (July 11th, 2002) - Put lemons, alcohol, and sugar together in a cool dark room for a while, and what do you get? Limoncello, a refreshing, bittersweet Italian liqueur that can make a regular summer day in New York feel like a sojourn in the Italian countryside. Whether you enjoy it as a digestive, in a cocktail, or as a dessert topping; whether you’re an Italian, a New Yorker, or a Parisian, you’ll find limoncello to be refreshing, soothing, and even divine.

No one knows for sure where limoncello came from - whether it was a gift from God or an inspiration from a creative farmer. What we do know is that in the 17th century, a lemon liqueur suddenly appeared in pastries made by nuns from a convent in Conca dei Marini and soon became a nationwide obsession. How it all adds up, no one knows, but over the centuries, interest in limoncello has spread far beyond Italy.

In StarChefs’ article, Elisabetta Bucci tells the tales that have been told about limoncello’s history of divinity, the story of her introduction to limoncello, and how the lemony liqueur can make a dull day bright and a home chef into an alchemist bootlegger. She also explains where to order and buy it, and provides make-at home recipes from traditional Italian chefs.

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