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Culinary Cafe Recipe Archive
Home of the Internet's best hand-picked recipe archive.

Culinary Links galore and Mimi's collection of recipes

Electronic Gourmet Guide
Here you will find a plethora of recipes, tips and other goodies

Bed & Breakfast Inns Online Recipes and Cookbooks
B&B Innkeeper Recipes and Cookbooks

Top Secret Recipes on the Web
Creating Kitchen Clones of. America's Favorite Brand-Name Foods

CopyKat Recipes
Contains recipes from restaurants and products you buy in stores.
Includes KFC and Olive Garden recipes.

Culinary Pleasures
Quick tantalizing gourmet dishes. Fast to prepare

Diana's Recipe and Food Page
A hypertext cookbook.

Cafe Creosote
Recipes with nutritional information and pictures, a dictionary of
cooking terms, information on California farmer's markets and reviews of
cooking magazines and books.

Holiday Recipes
Recipes change regularly to reflect the current holiday season.

1st Traveler's Choice International Cookbook.
Gourmet recipes from the kitchens of Inns across the US and Canada.

Meals Online
Offers the broadest meal selection found anywhere with access to an
ever-growing collection of 10,000 recipes.

Recipe Central
Presented by Sargento Foods. Features American
regional cuisine with recipes and cooking secrets from top chefs.