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The Plancha Project at Daniel Boulud Brasserie

Daniel Boulud Brasserie, Wynn Las Vegas, NV
Project Description: Working with Jade, Chef Boulud designed his ideal griddle - the Plancha -for his new restaurant at Wynn Las Vegas. It is able to cook multiple pieces of food simultaneously on a flat surface, which is able to reach incredibly high temperatures with appropriate ventilation and runoff receptacles.

TITAN Plancha


Model No. Description
JMRH-18P Plancha, Modular, 18”
JMRH-24P Plancha, Modular, 24”
JMRH-30P Plancha, Modular, 30”
JMRH-36P Plancha, Modular, 36”
JTRH-24P Plancha, Cabinet base, 24”
JTRH-30P Plancha, Cabinet base, 30”
JTRH-36P Plancha, Cabinet base, 36”
JTRH-30P-30 Plancha, Standard oven, 30”
JTRH-30P-30C Plancha, Convection oven, 30”
JTRH-36P-36 Plancha, Standard oven, 36”
JTRH-36P-36C Plancha, Convection oven, 36”

Plancha is a direct contact cooking surface that can also be used as a hot top or burner. Focused center heat radiating outward allows for multiple heating and cooking areas on a single surface. A three sided trough and large grease receptacle makes for easy cleaning.


Oven/Cabinet Base Dimensions

Modular Dimensions


   Published: December 2005