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Jade Range on  

The Graham Elliot Project
Graham Elliot, Chicago, IL

Project Description:
Designed and installed by Brent Miller of Inspired Concepts of Chicago, Miller worked closely with Jade to create a custom cook-line “tailor made for my vision of what I want to do in the kitchen”, Bowles says of Jade. The suite integrates the high standard of design and quality which Jade is known for into the custom cook-line, featuring eight open burners, a 24” plancha, double french top and charbroiler with cabinet bases, two salamanders, two ovens and a custom mirror finished belly rail with polished brass acorn highlights to complete Bowles’ “bistronomic” concept. Click here to read the complete interview with Graham Elliot Bowles.

Chef Graham Elliot Bowles of Graham Elliot in Chicago, IL
the Jade Stove of of Graham Elliot in Chicago, IL
 Chef Graham Elliot Bowles on his Jade Stove

The customized Jade Range suite at Graham Elliot
Restaurant Info:
Graham Elliot

217 W. Huron Street
Chicago, IL



   Published: July 2008