Garlic Sausage by Chef Justin Everett of El Dorado  Kitchen—Sonoma, CA
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Garlic Sausage
Chef Justin Everett of El Dorado Kitchen—Sonoma, CA
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July 2009

3 kilograms pork shoulder butt, chopped
7 grams pink salt
5 grams sugar
5 grams black pepper
100 grams garlic cloves
100 milliliters    cream sherry wine
1½ tablespoons white wine vinegar

Combine pork, salt, sugar, pepper, garlic, and sherry and marinate 24 hours. Fill a large bowl with ice and place another bowl inside. Grind pork through a medium die into second bowl. Place pork into a mixer and emulsify on medium speed for five minutes. Add vinegar and mix for 2 more minutes. Using a sausage stuffer, pipe sausage into casings. Slow poach for 3 to 4 hours at 180°F without boiling until internal temperature reaches 150°F. Place sausage into a cool water bath until cool. Hang in refrigerator for up to one month.