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What's in your Toolbox?

issue #3
The Hottest Kitchen Equipment of 2006

By Erin Hollingsworth and Tejal Rao
December 2006

Every year a few pieces of kitchen equipment introduce themselves to the restaurant world. Some are creative reappropriations of ancient or classic contraptions, some are significant improvements on basic kitchen necessities, while others are utterly new musings on what cooking can be. These are the most notable equipment of the year, many of them not-yet-popular, but all of them inevitable presences in the restaurant kitchen.

Korin Knives
Patricia Yeo, Eric Ripert and Jean-Georges Vongerichten all swear by their thin-bladed, durable Korin knives. The sharp Japanese models are suited for every job – from boning, butchering, and peeling, to fileting. More excitingly, the techniques used to build the Japanese knives were originally developed for making katana, or traditional samurai swords. When Japanese sword-making was banned in the mid-nineteenth century, skilled metal workers shifted their attention to the kitchen, hence the seriously sharp, well-weighted, Japanese knives of Korin.