Techniques and Culinary Concepts
Learn the latest and most innovative techniques and concepts that chefs are using in their kitchens. Incorporate these techniques and concepts into your repertoire and let them propel your cooking to a new level of sophistication and flare.

Hawaii's Go-To Dessert Gets a Shave and a Haircut
Pastry Chef Michelle Karr-Ueoka of Alan Wong's – Honolulu, HI

Melanzana and Methylcellulose: An Italian Pasta Match Made in Heaven
Chef Cristina Bowerman of Glass Hostaria – Rome, Italy

Mexican Goes Molecular: Using Masa Starch to Gel Tamales
Rising Star Chef Alex Stupak of Empellón Cocina – New York, NY

Skinned: A Trio of Skins, A Triplet of Techniques
Chef Matthias Merges of Yusho – Chicago, IL

Technique: Liquid Nitrogen, Hatsuyuki Ice, and the Expediency of the Modern Julep
Chef Dave Arnold of Booker and Dax – New York, NY

Technique: Modernizing the Marshmallow
Chef Shawn Gawle of Saison – San Francisco, CA

Technique: It's All in the Wrist: Pounding Thai Curry
Chef Andy Ricker of Pok Pok – Portland, OR

Technique: Tomato, Tomahto: Preserving the Flavor
Chef Philip Meeker of Takazawa – Atlanta, GA

Technique: Ratatouille Terrine
Chef Yoshiaki Takazawa of Holy Taco – Tokyo, JP

Technique: Preserving Tomatoes
Chef Philip Meeker of Holy Taco – Atlanta, GA

Technique: Rou Jia Mo with Naan Bread
Chef Shirley Chung of China Poblano – Las Vegas, NV

Technique: Airy Gnocchi
Chef Shane Devereux of The Lawrence – Atlanta, GA

Technique: Rolling Rabbit with Chef Jason Neve
Chef Jason Neve of B&B Ristorante – Las Vegas, NV

Technique: Making Guanciale
Chef Anthony Gray of Southern Art and Bourbon Bar – Atlanta, GA

Technique: Making Creamless Uni Oursinade
Chef George Mavrothalassitis of Chef Mavro – Honolulu, HI

Technique: Creating House-made Charcoal
Chef Adam Sappington of The Country Cat Dinnerhosue & Bar – Portland, OR

Technique: Using Egg White to Fine Wine
Winemaker John Kolasa, Chateau Rauzan-Ségla – Margaux, France

Technique: “Miracle” Ham Butchering with Chef Craig Deihl
Chef Craig Deihl of Cypress – Charleston, SC

Technique: Making Horseradish Snow with Chef Jason Atherton
Chef Jason Atherton of Pollen Street Social – London, UK

Technique: The Eventual and Undisputable Perfection of the Sazerac
Mixologist Paul Gustings of Tujague's – New Orleans, LA
Mixologist Russ Bergeron of Sazerac Bar at The Roosevelt Hotel – New Orleans, LA

Keep on Rollin’: David LeFevre Uses Hot Water and Pasta Machine to Make Dumplings
Chef David LeFevre of M.B. Post – Manhattan Beach, CA

Jason Bond’s Red-Cooked Squash
Chef Jason Bond of Bondir – Cambridge, MA

Technique: Larger than Life Corn: Hominy
Chef Joe Schafer of Parish Food & Goods – Atlanta, GA

Technique: Achieving al Dente - Alon Shaya’s Perfected Parsley Pasta
Chef Alon Shaya of Domenica - New Orleans, LA

Technique: Hawaiian-style Okonomiyaki with House-made Spam
Chef Sawako Okochi of Lani Kai - New York, NY

Technique: Thanksgiving Turkey, Peking Duck-style
Chef Chris Young of Modernist Cuisine - Bellevue, WA

Technique: Creating Complex Curries with Angus An
Chef Angus An of Maenam - Vancouver, BC

Technique: How to Barrel-Age Cocktails
Mixologist Jeffrey Morgenthaler of Clyde Common - Portland, OR

Technique: Monkey Bread
Chef Chris Pandel of The Bristol - Chicago, IL

Technique: It's a Wrap: Perfecting Japanese Gyoza
Chef Gabe Rosen of Biwa – Portland, OR

Technique: Umeboshi’s American Cousin
Chef Harold Jurado of Chizakaya – Chicago, IL

Technique: Dover Sole Meunière with Transglutaminase
Chef Dirk Flanigan of Henri – Chicago, IL

Technique: Stuffed Duck Neck
Chef Richard Knight and Jim Silk of Feast – Houston, TX

Technique: Chartreuse Candy at Custom House Tavern
Executive Pastry Chef Bryce Caron of Custom House - Chicago, IL

Technique: Canning Mandarin Orange Aigre-doux
Rising Star Chef Paul Virant of Vie - Western Springs, IL

Technique: Mandu: Korean Dumplings, Two Ways

Snapping Turtle Jelly and Eel Preparation
Chef Nobu Yamazaki of Sushi Taro - Washington, DC

Grilled Milk Mousse
Pastry Chef Jordan Kahn

Ultrasonic Shrimp Stock
Chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre of L’Air du Temps – Belgium

Tongue of Lamb “En Tortue”
Chef Michaël Vrijmoed of Hof Van Cleve - Peter Goossens – Kruishoutem, Belgium

Umami-Infused Cheese and Ketchup
Chef Adam Fleischman of Umami Burger – Los Angeles, CA

Liquid Nitrogen Caipirinha
Mixologist Lucas Paya at the Bazaar by José Andrés – Los Angeles, CA

Dahi Wada Lentil Fritters
By Maneet Chauhan of Vermilion – New York, NY

Cryo-Rendered Duck Breast
Chef Chris Young and Dr. Nathan Myrhvold of Intellectual Ventures – Seattle, WA

Liquid Nitrogen Floating Island
Pastry Chef Michael Gillette of The Bazaar by José Andrés – Los Angeles, CA

House-Made Burrata
Chef Todd Winer of The Metropolitan Club – Boston, MA

Grilled and Chilled Marinated Pig Heart
Chef Jason Bond of Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro – Boston, MA

Making an Heirloom Melon Terrine
Chef Gabriel Bremer of Salts Restaurant - Cambridge, MA

How to Break Down a Suckling Pig
Chef April Bloomfield of The Spotted Pig – New York, NY

Egg Soufflé
Chef Raphael Peña of Gresca—Barcelona, Spain

Puffed Sushi Rice
Pastry Chef Daniel Carter of Go Fish—St. Helena, CA

Razor Clams
Chef Jamie Bissonnette of Toro—Boston, MA

Carbonated Cocktail
Mixologist Jim Romdall of Vessel – Seattle, WA

Hand-Sculpted Ice Cubes
Mixologist Takaaki Hashimoto of B Flat – New York, NY

Homemade Fregola Technique
Chef Jeremy Fox of Ubuntu – Napa, CA

Sabayon Variations Technique
Chef Adam Hoffman of Rover’s – Seattle, WA

Uni Mousse Technique
Chef Harold Dieterle of Perilla – New York, NY

Confit Tomato Technique
Chef Daisley Gordon of Campagne and Café Campagne – Seattle, WA

Carrot Top Crust Technique
Chef Christopher Kostow of The Restaurant at Meadowood – St. Helena, CA

Frozen Foam Technique
Pastry Chef Rick Billings of L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon – New York, NY

Sweetbreads Roulade with Fried Green Tomatoes, Apricots, and Romaine
Chef Daniel Newell of Restaurant Zoë – Seattle, WA

Caul Fat, aka The Original Combi-Oven

Chef Vuong Loc of Portage – Seattle, WA

Yellowtail Collar (Broiled and Braised)

Chef Tadashi Ono of Matsuri – New York, NY

Deep-Fried Béarnaise
Chefs Brian McCracken and Dana Tough of Spur – Seattle, WA

Breaking Down a Whole Monkfish
Chef Masaharu Morimoto of Morimoto – New York, NY

Fish Wrapped in Chicken Skin
Chef Josh Emett of Gordon Ramsay at the London – New York, NY

Crunchy Potatoes Technique
Chef Brian Millman of Uncommon Ground – Chicago, IL

Compressed Fruit
Chef Mark Hopper of Bouchon – Las Vegas, NV

Layered Foie Gras Terrine
Chef Adam Schop of De La Costa – Chicago, IL

Salsa Negra
Chef Carmen “Titita” Degollado of El Bajio – Mexico City, Mexico

Stuffed Poultry Sous Vide and Deep-Fried
Dave Arnold of the French Culinary Institute – New York, NY

Sous Vide Chocolate Cake
Chef Elizabeth Falkner of Citizen Cake – San Francisco, CA

How to Cook an Egg
Chef Joel Robuchon of l’Atelier de Joël Robuchon – Paris, France

Making Bitters
Mixologist Adam Seger of Nacional 27 – Chicago, IL

Spherification for Beginners

Chef Jose Andres of Café Atlantico – Washington DC

Squid Powder

Chef Elena Arzak of Restaurante Arzak – San Sebastian, Spain

No-Egg Gnocchi

Chef Joey Campanaro of The Little Owl — New York, NY

Hand-Rolled Couscous

Chef Mourad Lahlou of Aziza – San Francisco, CA

Curing Egg Yolks

Chef Peter Rudolph of Campton Place – San Francisco, CA

Making Perfect Ice Cream in a Pacojet

Pastry Chef Kriss Harvey of Butter – Chicago, IL

Hybridizing Cream Whippers
Chef Mark Andelbradt of Morimoto NYC — New York, NY.

Flavoring with Cedar Paper

Chef Josh DeChellis of Sumile – New York, NY

Laminating Skate

Chef Andrew Zimmerman of del Toro – Chicago - IL

Liquid Center Fluke with Activa

Chef Mark Hellyar of Blue Duck Tavern – Washington, D.C.

Pickling Dried Chiles

Chef Patricia Quintana of Restaurant Izote – Mexico City, Mexico

Preparing Barnacles

Chef Ken Oringer of Clio – Boston, MA

Transforming Fats into Powders
Pastry Chef Adrian Vasquez of Providence – Los Angeles, CA

Working with Isomalt

Pastry Chef Albert Adria of el Bulli – Roses, Spain

Imposters - Creating Calamari "Spaghettini"

Chef Dante de Magistris of Dante in Royal Sonesta Hotel Boston

Blanching in Oil

Chef Michael Schulson of Buddakan New York, NY

Easter Treats: How to Make a Chocolate Egg

Chef Oriol Balaguer of Estudi di Xocolata i Pastisseria Barcelona, Spain
As demonstrated at Estudi di Xocolata i Pastisseria

Roulade Using Salmon Loin
Chef Mark Allen of Le Soir Newton Highlands, MA

Thickening With Nuts

Chef Ana Sortun of Oleana Cambridge, MA

Hybridizing Cream Whippers

Chef Mark Andelbradt of Morimoto NYC — New York, NY.

Serving Raw Foie Gras
Chef Pascal Barbot of L'Astrance Paris, France

Cleaning and Marinating Tripe

Chef Chris Cosentino of Incanto San Francisco


As demonstrated at New England Foodservice and Lodging Expo 2005 :
Sous Vide
Chef Anthony Susi of Sage - Boston, MA


As demonstrated at the 2004 New England Foodservice and Lodging Expo :
Techniques in making terrines
Pastry Chef Ernie Quinones of Boston University Club - Boston, MA

Dessert Décor
Pastry Chef Ernie Quinones of Boston University Club - Boston, MA

Tempering with Spices
Chef Thomas John of Au Bon Pain, formerly of Mantra - Boston, MA


As demonstrated at the Northwest Foodservice Show :
Cleaning & Preparing West Coast Razor Clams
Chef Johnathan Sundstrom of Lark - Seattle, WA

Cooking In A Cloud - The Artful Use Of Foam
Chef William Belickis of Mistral - Seattle, WA

Decorating Cakes with Marbled Fondant
Pastry Chef Sue McCown of Earth & Ocean at the W Hotel - Seattle, WA

Preparing Gnocchi
Chef Holly Smith of Café Juanita - Kirkland, WA

Deboning Poultry
Chef Wayne Johnson of Andaluca at the Mayflower Park Hotel - Seattle, WA

Making Vietnamese Sauces
Chefs Eric and Sophie Bahn of Monsoon - Seattle, WA

Making Clear Apple and Pear Chips
Chef Christina Longo of Barking Frog - Woodinville, WA

Intensifying Flavors Through Curing
Chef Brian Scheehser of the Hunt Club at the Sorrento Hotel - Seattle, WA


As demonstrated at Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía 2003 :
Apple Caviar
Chef Ferrán Adriá of El Bulli - Roses, Spain

Breast of Squab with Crusty Golden Beets and Sweet Potato Jus
Chef Wylie Dufresne of WD-50 – New York, NY

more Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía 2003 video clips