Tea In The City

Some cultures have been embracing tea for as long as they’ve had a written history. Others are just now discovering it. Tea has long been one of the world’s favorite beverages, but now it’s beginning to receive wide attention and acclaim in the American consumer marketplace. Tea suppliers are vying for a place at the top of the industry, competing to offer the best, the rarest, and the most flavorful varieties. The scientific and medical communities are hitting the laboratories at full force, making new discoveries everyday about the health benefits of this ancient brew.

So, too, an increasing number of entrepreneurs are setting up shop. Whereas the 1990s marked a decade of coffee obsession, at least within the U.S. market, the new millennium seems to be all about tea. As consumer interest continues to grow, more and more Americans are seeing teahouses pop up on their corners and in their neighborhoods.

The StarChefs editors conducted a bit of fieldwork to track down some of New York City’s finest and most authentic offerings, with a focus on English and Japanese-inspired tea. Check out our reviews of the following tea salons and shops.