Ispahan Chocolate
Pastry Chef Pierre Hermé of Hermé – Paris, France
Adapted by
January 2007

Yield: 100 Bonbons


    Litchi and Rose Pate de Fruit:
  • 12 gram tartaric acid
  • 6 grams water
  • 120 grams crystal sugar
  • 24 pectin, preferably Ruban Jaune
  • 1060 grams litchi puree, preferably Boiron
  • 60 grams lemon juice
  • 1 kilogram crystal sugar
  • 280 grams glucose syrup
  • 13 grams rose essence, preferably Sevarome

    Chocolate and Raspberry Ganache:
  • 500 grams raspberry puree, preferably Cap Fruit
  • 90 grams Trimoline
  • 360 grams Caraque chocolate by Valrhona, chopped
  • 410 grams Manjari chocolate by Valrhona, chopped
  • 25 grams raspberry liquor, chilled
  • 165 grams MIRA-QUIK® MGL, chilled
  • Stephan mixer

    To Assemble:
  • Stainless Steel tray
  • Aluminium tray
  • Guitar
  • Extra-bitter chocolate, tempered

For the Litchi and Rose Pate de Fruit:

Dissolve the tartaric acid in the water. In a seperate bowl, combine the sugar and pectin. In a large pot, boil the litchi puree. Once at a boil, add the sugar and pectin mixture. Allow to boil again and add the sugar and glucose syrup. Cook to 108°C and add the tartaric acid solution and rose esence. Allow to cool only slightly before pouring directly into a silpat-lined frame 4 millimeters wide. Each frame should hold 540 grams of pate de fruit mixture. Allow to cool completely.

For the Chocolate and Raspberry Ganache:
In a covered pot, boil the raspberry puree with the Trimoline. Put the chopped chocolates in the Stephan mixer with a cover. Empty the air to 70-80 bars. Introduce the raspberry mixture in three parts and emulsify for a whole minute between each addition. When the temperature reaches between 40-45°C, open the valve and lift off the cover. Add the MGL and liquor and continue to mix. As soon as the ganache reaches 35-38°C, remove.

To Assemble:
Once the pate de fruit is cool, position a second frame beside it for a width of 8 millimeters. Pour the ganache in the frame to the right, smoothing it out with a palette knife. Allow to crystallize to 4°C, run the tip of a knife around the edge, and store at 16°C for 48 hours. Once crytallized, place the pate de fruit strip on top of the ganache strip and cut on the guitar into cubes. Place each cube spaced out on a stainless steel sheet and store at 16°C.

For a high quality chocolate shell, the level of humidity in the room should be below 60% and the temperature between 24-27°C with available storing temperature of 16°C. Temper the inner temperature of the ganache and pate de fruit to 24-27°C and coat in melted chocolate. Allow to set for 24 hours at 16°C.The coating should never dominate the bonbon ; it should be thin, but keep in mind that the texture and taste contribute to the final product.

Wine Pairing:
Vin Santo del Chianti Classico Isole e Olena 1998


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