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Super Bowl XLI:

Bar Snacks for Food Fans
By Erin Hollingsworth
January 2007
Nothing goes better with sports watching than beer drinking, and nothing goes better with beer drinking than food eating; ergo, Super Bowl Sunday, the underdog of high-concept cuisine, has a gastronomic potential not often given its due. The people’s appetite is in ample supply and their beer-laced stomachs poised to absorb and entertain spicier, fattier, and more flavor-saturated food.
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  »  Triple Duck Fat Fries
Chef Mark Hellyar-Blue Duck Tavern, Washington DC
  »  Potato Chips with Nori Salt
Chef Ryan Poli-Formerly of Butter, Chicago, IL
  »  Crispy Fried Chick Peas
Chef Andrew Zimmerman of del Toro - Chicago, IL
  »  Marinated Anchovy Montadito with Avocado, Green Onions and Lemon
Chef Andrew Zimmerman of del Toro - Chicago, IL
  »  Fried Whiting with Sambal Aioli
Chef Zak Pelaccio-Fatty Crab and 5Ninth, NY
  »  Truffled Popcorn
Chef Ryan Poli-Formerly of Butter, Chicago, IL

No one is perhaps more attuned to this culinary potential than the chefs whose “bar snack” recipes we’re featuring this year. These are snacks meant for consumption in tandem with beer and cocktails, perfect for Super Bowl, but they’re also offered by serious chefs applying their culinary acumen to finger food.

Consider Chef Ryan Poli’s Truffled Popcorn. Popcorn’s quite cheap, and popular, but how often does it actually taste like something worth remembering? The slightly decadent addition of a little white truffle oil makes for a nosh-worthy snack with an elegant and intense flavor. Chef Zak Pelaccio’s Fried Whiting with Sambal Aioli borrows a classic sports fare concept, chips and dip, and reimagines the ingredients. The chips become fried whiting and the dip a sambal aioli making for a more flavorful, less empty caloric snack.

With dishes simultaneously familiar and exotic, StarChefs' Super Bowl (Roman Numeral 41) Bar Snack Menu is sure to satiate both the bourgeois and proletariat sensibilities in chefs and diners, football faithfuls and casual viewers alike.