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Super Bowl fans are gathering – die-hards and fair-weathers alike – for the single most-watched sporting event in the country. Where there’s a crowd, there’s food to be served. If you’re hosting a party at home you’ll want to prepare as much as possible in advance so there’s no hassle after kick-off. Here are some fun recipes that won’t get in the way of the game.

The Super Bowl is also an opportunity for chefs to bring in extra revenue with specials in the dining room or at the bar. The “party-to-go” is another option: you can offer a complete pre-packaged menu for pick-up or delivery.

»  Chef Dean Fearing of The Mansion on Turtle Creek
Barbequed Beef Salad Sandwiches
»  Chef Marco Moreira of Tocqueville Restaurant
Crab Cakes
»  Chef Tony Liu of August
Serrano Ham Croquettas
»  Chef Patricia Yeo of Sapa
Vietnamese Imperial Rolls Wrapped in Lettuce
»  Chef Elizabeth Steffey of Andaluca
Sugared Pumpkin Seeds
»  Chef Todd Gray of Equinox
Caramelized Banana Splits
»  Chef Sue McCown of Earth & Ocean
Retro Rock & Roll, a.k.a. Ho-Hos

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      Published: January 2005