Regardless of how you spend the day, Sunday retains a pace and feeling all its own. Sunday can never be mistaken for Saturday or, thankfully, Monday. It is a day when time seems a little slower, when contemplation is a little easier, and when thoughts of family and friends come a little more readily.
Memories of Sunday dinners at our grandparents' houses may be warm and happy-or not-but the idea of the family gathering on Sunday afternoons to share a common meal has universal appeal.

Barbara Scott Goodman
with Mary Goodbody

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It signifies a willingness to slow down, to visit leisurely with those we most care about, while sharing a meal with folks from every generation.
Because Sunday dinner requires time in the kitchen, we have devised the recipes with the rest of the week in mind. Many can be extended to serve as meals or parts of meals later in the week, when the workday world impinges on the time we can devote to meal preparation.

...Published: 1999