Barbara Scott-Goodman's Biography
Barbara Scott-Goodman is an author, art director, and designer of many cookbooks. Her most recent book, Sunday Dinner, is an illustrated book of seasonal recipes, published by Chronicle Books. She is also the author and art director of Spring Evenings, Summer Afternoons and Autumn Nights, Winter Mornings which were published in the Spring of 1994 and Fall of 1995, respectively, by Chronicle Books. She is currently producing an illustrated book titled Picnics: Elegant Recipes for Alfresco Dining, also to be published by Chronicle Books in Spring 1999.

Other recent projects include designing The AMA Family Health Cookbook, published by Pocket Books, a 1998 James Beard Cookbook Award winner; Heart Healthy Cooking for All Seasons, by Marvin Moser. M.D., with Larry Forgione, Jimmy Schmidt, and Alice Waters for Pocket Books; and Creating A Room, by interior designer Charlotte Moss for Viking Studio Books.

In addition to designing books in collaboration with Country Living and Victoria magazines published by Wm. Morrow, she has also designed many books for Workman Publishing including A Food Lover's Guide to France and A Food Lover's Guide to Paris, by Patricia Wells, and The Great American Seafood Cookbook, by Susan Hermann Loomis. A number of her recipes appear in the award-winning New York Cookbook, by Molly O'Neill.

Barbara Scott-Goodman lives and works in New York City and upstate New York with her husband, Lester, and their two daughters, Zan and Isabelle.

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...Published: 1999