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Summer Salads 2005
By Betsy Feinberg

Salads are the little black dress of the food world – they
are dependable, never go out of favor, can stand alone,
or be accessorized with the season’s latest fruits and vegetables. In the sweltering months of summer, salads
make a transition from appetizer to entrée as diners
opt for lighter ways to overcome dwindling appetites. As a
main course, salads bring out the flavors of summer’s harvest and serve as a backdrop for a wide range of ingredients.

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from Sensational Salads by Barbara Scott-Goodman
* Roasted Fig & Greens Salad
* Gazpacho Salad
* Basmati Rice Salad
* Grilled Lamb Salad

Cookbook author Barbara Scott-Goodman has devoted a whole book to salads, from the most basic mesclun mixes to inventive rice and bean salads. Entries in Scott-Goodman’s Sensational Salads (Tabori & Chang, 2005) include Gazpacho Salad, which takes the acidic blend of summer’s quintessential cold soup and serves it with the satisfying crunch of Romaine lettuce leaves and homemade garlicky croutons. The Lamb, Eggplant & Pepper Salad is a well-rounded serving of greens, vegetables, and thinly sliced lamb, which the author suggests serving Mediterranean-style with warm pita bread, hummus, and olives. Uncommon fruits can also be put to good use in salads, as in Barbara’s Roasted Fig & Greens Salad with Stilton Cheese, which features the fleshy sweetness of fresh figs roasted in port, enhanced by a black fig vinegar dressing.


   Published: August 2005