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Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations
in Cork County, Ireland

In the United States many spend St. Patrick’s Day drinking in Irish pubs or taking in a parade. But American festivities aren’t nearly as grand or steeped in history as those in Ireland itself. Back in Hibernia, children dress in traditional Irish costumes and carry green rosettes as they parade along the streets. The day and night are filled with sporting events, folk music, customary jigs, and of course, lots of food... more »

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Ballymaloe Irish Stew  Darina Allen’s Bread and Butter Pudding  Ballymaloe White Yeast Bread

Nestled in the rolling green fields of East Cork is Ballymaloe, a picturesque country house and farm owned by Ivan and Myrtle Allen. The country house was built in 1948 upon the remnants of a 15th century Norman castle. Over the years the business and the family have grown, and now four generations of the Allen family, including six great-grandchildren, call Ballymaloe their home. Cork County has an abundance of Saint Patrick’s festivities, and Ballymaloe plays an integral role in those traditions.

Darina Allen, Chef of the Ballymaloe Cookery School, says their traditional family feasts on the holiday include stews, homemade breads and puddings. The Allens assemble big spreads on tables swathed in Irish linen. Everything on the tables is made with produce, poultry and meats from the Ballymaloe farms, and the fish is caught fresh from the nearby seashore. Of course, the celebration overflows with whiskeys and local ales.

The Allens have created their own history at Ballymaloe. The talented family has received numerous awards for their restaurant and has published multiple cookbooks. The latest, by Darina Allen, includes recipes from the Ballymaloe Cookery School. We’ve included some of them here to help you create your own distinctive Saint Patrick’s Day menu.