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Button It Up: Service Notes

Resorts are Going the Extra Mile
To gain additional revenue and provide a more multi-dimensional experience for their guests, some resorts are going beyond the usual repertoire of services and activities, and reaching unparalleled levels of luxury and convenience in the process.

Fish Market at Azul Beach on StarChefs.comLocal Cuisine
Two resorts on Mexico’s Mayan Riviera set themselves apart with a “Gourmet Inclusive” package, providing remarkable service and bringing a culinary slant to the hotel and the beach. The program highlights local cuisine with cocktail classes, tequilas tastings, and cooking lessons on the art of creative Mexican cuisine. The most notable event, which provides excitement for kids and gastronomes alike, was a fish market and barbecue on the beach. On Sunday mornings at Azul Beach, a fishing boat pulls up on the beach full of fresh fish and shellfish. Standing in turquoise waters, and surrounded by a throng of excited guests, the hotel’s chef selects a variety of fish to be cooked on the beach. In an outdoor kitchen, the fish are cleaned, seasoned, scored and thrown into a wide vat of rosemary-scented oil. When crisp, the fish are finished on the beachfront grill and served for lunch. For a hotel directly on the beach, this is a spectacular way to take advantage of the local resources and set your hotel apart from other resorts.

On the BeachA Beach Bed at El Dorado Seaside Suites on StarChefs.com
Notable services are not limited to the culinary arena. The beach at El
A Beach Buddy at Azul Beach on StarChefs.comDorado Seaside Suites is littered with oversized beach beds: large white mattresses in individual open-sided cabanas, both directly on and elevated above the beach. Massages and candlelit dinners can be arranged on the beds, which are moved onto the hotel’s outdoor dance floor every Friday night for a romantic club experience. Azul Beach ups the ante on free beachfront service by providing “beach butlers” – tireless employees who parole the sands, offering new towels, beverages, a mineral water spritz, reading materials and more to the hotel’s beachgoers. This level of attentive, caring service adds an element of luxury, making the beach experience more relaxing, enjoyable and carefree.

Azul Beach Resort

Carretera Cancun-Puerto Morelos, Km.27.5
Quintana Roo, México 77710
(52) 998 872 8080

El Dorado Seaside Suites
Carretera Cancún-Tulum Kantenah, Km.95
Riviera Maya
Quintana Roo, México 77710
(52) 984 875 1910

   Published: August 2006