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Button It Up: Service Notes

With theatricality playing an important part in the front of the house, we’ve noticed a couple of service trends you might want to incorporate in your restaurants and a few you’ll want to avoid.


Bread Pairings
Bread Service at Guy Savoy on StarChefs.comGuy Savoy is known for its French tradition but the bread pairings are true innovation. Each of the eight courses we tasted were paired with a different house-baked bread. Caviar was presented with a Mini Baguette, the Dover Sole with Chestnut bread, Foie gras with Country Loaf and Artichoke Soup with a Mushroom Brioche. The pairings added another level of flavor to the intricate dishes.

Chariot de Desserts
Traditional French fine dining has given us certain service customs like apéritifs, prefix and the dessert cart. The Chariot de Dessert is usually a rolling dessert cart offering different plated desserts. Guy Savoy uses their Chariot to offer a lasting impression with small pots of Blueberry Clafoutis, Crème Caramel, Praline Rose Pudding, Red Wine Prunes and Lemon Marshmallows and other sweet bites.

Exotic Chocolates
Chocolates from Chef Paul Liebrandt of Gilt on StarChefs.comWhether guests order dessert or not, it’s always nice to give them a complimentary plate of sweet morsels. Traditional petit fours and madeleines are giving way to more modern treats like artisanal chocolates. Chef Paul Liebrandt of Gilt presents a laquer box of decadent chocolates including exotic flavors like green tea.

A reader recently wrote into our site asking for help contacting a restaurant. Apparently, she could not get through via phone, Internet and online reservation services. Modern day technology can be very frustrating when it fails so best to make sure you periodically check your restaurant's lines of communication.

   Published: July 2006

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