There is an old saying – never trust a skinny chef.
Good chefs taste their food often, checking for seasoning to make sure each dish is perfect. So how is any chef worth his or her salt going to avoid packing on the pounds after nibbling all day long? more>>

Chef Jacques Torres
Chocolate Corn Flakes

Chef Joël Antunes of JOËL
Tuna Tartare with Tomato Pulp, Tomato Dressing and Micro Basil

Fresh Tagliatelle with Zucchini

Crème Brulee

The answer: exercise.

The stereotype of a chef – a round-bellied figure clad in a white coat, apron, and toque – doesn’t fit most modern chefs. Working in a kitchen is a physically demanding job that requires significant endurance and strength. Today’s chefs lead active lives outside of work, and make time in their busy schedules to exercise.

This past September, Chef Joël Antunes ran the Medoc Marathon through the wine regions of Bordeaux, France. Celebrity chocolatier Jacques Torres is also an avid runner and veteran of the New York City Marathon.

With the New York City Marathon fast approaching, runners may want to work the following recipes into their pre-race diets. The dishes are personal favorites of Chefs Antunes and Torres – each will provide a boost of energy to help get you through a day of rigorous training. And after the marathon, celebrate your accomplishments and treat yourself to creamy crème brulee. You’ll deserve it!



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