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On the Plate: Notable Presentations
from Madrid Fusion 2007    
January 2007
Marbella, Spain
As presented at Madrid Fusion 2007
Shrimp cooked on a slate, Dani Garcia of Calima Restaurant, Madrid Fusion 2007
Quisquillas Cooked on a Slate
Sweet, wild baby shrimp from the south of Spain are laid on a slate heated in oven to 300°F, garnished with an olive oil emulsion and fennel dust, and served. In the approximately 1½ minutes that elapse between plating and the diner’s first bite, the lower half of the body cooks and the upper half is just warmed, creating the perfect contrast of temperatures and textures.

Chef Dani Garcia
El Cingle
Vacarisses, Spain
As presented at Madrid Fusion 2007
Edible Garden of Desserts, Montse Estruch of El Cingle, Madrid Fusion 2007
Garden of Desserts
Montse Estruch followed a presentation by Sabor y Salud, a flower and herb farming company based in Malaga, by creating a sweet, playful interpretation of their “edible garden” concept complete with a log of edible flowers encapsulated in gelatin, mounds of petal-laced ice cream, verdant edible “soil” and a dark chocolate hoe.

Chef Montse Estruch
El Poblet
Denia, Spain
As presented at Madrid Fusion 2007
Animated Forest 2007, Quique Dacosta of El Poblet, Madrid Fusion 2007
Animated Forest 2007
In his earthy, damp, aromatic dish, Dacosta aims to recreate the visual, sensual, and emotional atmosphere of a walk in the forest. The shallow bowl is served covered by a ceramic hood whose inside has been painted with herb oil; upon opening, the dish greets the diner with a wave of aromas, invoking the forest experience through both sight and smell.

Chef Quique Dacosta
Ryugin Restaurant
Tokyo, Japan
As presented at Madrid Fusion 2007
Silkscreen of Squid Ink with Squid Carpaccio, Seiji Yamamoto of Ryugin Restaurant, Madrid Fusion 2007
Silkscreen of Squid Ink with Squid Carpaccio
A dense sauce of squid ink and broth is “silk screened” onto the plate through an intricately-detailed wax mold. The pattern left behind emulates a newspaper layout, with articles that describe the restaurant and the dish. The plate is topped with poached egg yolk, red salt and cured squid carpaccio; the diner sauces the squid by rubbing it along the design.

Chef Seiji Yamamoto
El Rodat
Alicante, Spain
As presented at Madrid Fusion 2007
Fruits Impregnated with Imagination, Sergio and Javier Torres of El Rodat, Madrid Fusion 2007
Fruits Impregnated with Imagination
The apparently simple presentation of cubed fruit belies the complex, layered flavors held inside – by placing the fruit in flavored liquid in a vacuum maching and vacuuming for 5 minutes without heat, the Torres brothers “impregnated” the cubes with various flavors without cooking them. Pear is imbued with red wine, kaki with lavender-scented nut milk. The dish is finished with sweet edible flowers.

Chefs Sergio and Javier Torres
Charlie Trotter’s
Chicago, USA
As presented at Madrid Fusion 2007
Shabu Shabu, Charlie Trotter of Charlie Trotter’s, Madrid Fusion 2007
Shabu Shabu
After plating a traditional Shabu Shabu of buckwheat noodles, mushrooms, tofu and short ribs, Charlie Trotter presented this re-conceptualized version of the dish – paper-thin marinated beef is topped with mushroom jelly and a dehydrated mushroom tuille, freeze dried tofu and tofu ice cream, and a buckwheat salad. Each component of the original dish is transformed in shape and texture, leaving the flavor intact.

Chef Charlie Trotter