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On the Plate: Notable Presentations
October 2006
Washington DC
Olive Oil Bonbon at Café Atlantico from Katsuya Fukushima on

Olive Oil Bonbon

The clear sugar capsule filled with oil is whimsically mirrored in a tiny rounded cube “plate” that is also clear. The bonbon, which is no bigger than a marble, is still the star of this presentation.

Chef Katsuya Fukushima
Washington DC
Warm Cassolette of Rhubarb, Tarte au Sucre and Strawberry-Mint of Seasons in Washington DC on

Warm Cassolette of Rhubarb, Tarte au Sucre and Strawberry-Mint Sorbet

Not only does it make plate-up sense to section off the hot elements from the cold, but visually, the copper pot adds a charming, rustic touch. This sort of playful presentation invites the guest to interact with their dessert.

Pastry Chef Romain Renard
Washington DC
Beet Tumbleweed at Café Atlantico from Katsuya Fukushima on

Beet Tumbleweed

The rough metal base mimics the tangled, haphazard nature of the crispy beet bundle. The network of metal fibers appears soft but holds it shape and much like the unfamiliar crispness of the beet, plays with the concept of textures.

Chef Katsuya Fukushima
Washington DC
The Exotic from Pastry Chef Hichem Lahreche on

The Exotic

A glass on the plate neatly contains panna cotta, cake, jelly, and two carefully set contrasting sauces in the manner of an updated trifle. Splitting the dish in two distinct parts keeps the multitude of elements from overcrowding the plate and makes for colorful but clean lines.

Pastry Chef Hichem Lahreche


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