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On the Plate: Notable Presentations
May 2008

For Pastry Chef Uyen Nguyen of Guy Savoy in Las Vegas it’s all about textures and purity of flavor. Nguyen’s aesthetic is serene, elegant, and artistic – we like to call it exotic Zen.

Guy Savoy
Las Vegas, NV
Citrus Salad with Chamomile Tea Steam on

Citrus Salad with Chamomile Tea Steam

Nguyen artfully arranged perfect supremes of 7 different types of citrus on a perforated plate set on a dish of dry ice; she then poured hot chamomile tea onto the dry ice. Scented steam rolled out of the perforations to create a fog over the citrus landscape. One of the better experiential dishes we’ve seen (and so marvelous we asked her to do it again).

Pastry Chef Uyen Nguyen

Guy Savoy
Las Vegas, NV
Fresh Dates with Fromage Blanc Sorbet on

Fresh Dates with Fromage Blanc Sorbet

Nguyen plays with the notion of eggs and sausage in her presentation of the compressed and sliced dates surrounding the fromage blanc sorbet “egg.” Hidden inside the quenelle of the light and refreshing sorbet was an orange “surprise.”

Pastry Chef Uyen Nguyen

Guy Savoy
Las Vegas, NV
Chocolate on


Nguyen’s use of the fishbowl plays up her emphasis on layers of textures – not only do you experience it in your mouth, but you can see it too. At the bottom is a light chocolate custard, then a thick bitter chocolate crèmeaux, a crisp paper-thin orange tuile follows, topped with a smooth chocolate sorbet and finished with a delicate, barely-there milk chocolate foam.

Pastry Chef Uyen Nguyen

Guy Savoy
Las Vegas, NV
Coconut Six Ways on

Coconut Six Ways

Coconut sorbet, granita, tapioca, dehydrated milk chips, julienne, and toasted crispies are layered in this clear fishbowl dish so you can see each component. Each of the six forms of coconut had a distinct texture; Nguyen instructed us to dive the spoon all the way to the bottom and scoop up a bit of each layer.

Pastry Chef Uyen Nguyen

photoCredit Antoinette Bruno and Amanda McDougall

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