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On the Plate: Notable Presentations
March 2008

Chicago’s Tru has long been known for playful presentations, be it the caviar staircase or food plated directly on mirrors. The mignardises cart has been a mainstay, and young pastry chef Meg Galus is keeping the tradition alive with meal finishers that come in an array of flavors, shapes, and forms.

Chicago, IL
Lollipops: Spearmint and White Chocolate-Cherry on

Lollipops: Spearmint and White Chocolate-Cherry

A sweet, refreshing spearmint lollipop and a white chocolate bonbon stand at attention in a fishbowl-like holder filled with granulated sugar (Galus tried coarse, but granulated is actually sturdier). The holder is from Glass Studio –

Pastry Chef Meg Galus

Chicago, IL
Orange Parfait Float: Homemade Ginger Ale, Blood Orange Tapioca on

Orange Parfait Float: Homemade Ginger Ale, Blood Orange Tapioca

These “VIP mignardises” are a take on bubble tea, with soft pearls of tapioca soaked in blood orange bobbing in a slightly spicy homemade ginger ale. It’s refreshing, and fun to drink (and chew). The ginger ale is poured tableside into small shot glasses, one for each guest.

Pastry Chef Meg Galus

Chicago, IL
Peppermint Ice Cream Sandwiches on

Peppermint Ice Cream Sandwiches

Galus has put the old-school ice cream sandwich – complete with a soft, ambiguously chocolate-y crust and airy ice cream filler – on a pedestal…an ice pedestal decorated with crushed candy canes, to be precise. The bowl is placed in the middle of the table, and guests pluck their mini sandwich from the center.

Pastry Chef Meg Galus

Chicago, IL
Assorted Mignardises on

Assorted Mignardises

This is the most traditional of Galus's mignardises options. A rippling glass tray holds a single treat in each of its 6 divots: raspberry pate a fruit, a blood orange “melt-away,” a tiramisu macaroon, eggnog opera cake, a coconut snowball, and a bite of pistachio toffee. 

Pastry Chef Meg Galus

photoCredit Antoinette Bruno and Heather Sperling

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