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On the Plate: Notable Presentations
July 2006
Washington D.C.
Amuse Bouche from Chef Ethan McKee of Equinox on StarChefs.com

Terrine of Beet Cured Salmon, Sweet Melon Soup, Pickled Cherry with Foie Duck Prosciutto

This Amuse Bouche offers three distinct tastes with an exotic presentation using a compartmentalized dish.
Chef de Cuisine Ethan McKee
New York City
Savory Sweets from Chef Paul Liebrandt of Gilt on StarChefs.com

Saffron Marshmallow and Stilton Arugula Financier

The vibrant colors make for a heightened sensory presentation.

Executive Chef Paul Liebrandt
Washington D.C.
Big City S’mores from Pastry Chef Heather Chittum of Dish on StarChefs.com

Big City S’mores - Chocolate Tart with Marshmallow, Bittersweet Mousse and Graham Cookie

Heather Chittum reinvents a classic dessert, playing with height and architecture.
Pastry Chef Heather Chittum


New York City
Peekytoe Crab Salad from Chef Paul Liebrandt of Gilt on StarChefs.com

Peekytoe Crab Salad, Sea Herb Glass

The glassy quality of the sea herb proves the title and demonstrates inventive technique.

Executive Chef Paul Liebrandt