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The Mensch Chef  
or Why Delicious Jewish Food Isn't an Oxymoron

Great Jewish Food
Without The Guilt.

Oy, vey!

From the kugel and knish (ki-NISH), to schmear and gefilte fish, Jewish cuisine has a language of its own. And "somewhere between the Exodus in Egypt and the migration to New York City's Upper West Side, this Jewish food got a bad rap." Now, Director of Publications of The James Beard Foundation, Mitchell Davis, attempts to rid us of these mashuge (mah-SHUG-ah) notions about noshes, with his new Jewish culinary "bible", The Mensch Chef. From how to make a Passover cake taste "delish," to what the difference is between a bialy, bagel and blintz, Davis' new cookbook is "your guide to Jewish food as a full-body experience, complete with belly laughs." Check out these recipes from The Mensch Chef and see "Why Delicious Jewish Food Isn't an Oxymoron."

Mitchel Davis by Mitchell Davis

Foie Gras
Matzo Matzo Balls
Grated Potato Latkes
Jewish Spaghetti
Chocolate Cloud Cake

Mitchell's Bio

Mitchell Davis is director of publications of The James Beard Foundation, author of Cook Something, and coauthor of Foie Gras…A Passion (with Michael Ginor). He is a regular contributor of food and travel articles to a wide range of magazines, including GQ, Food & Wine, Time Out New York, and Gastronomica. In his spare time, Mitchell is both a Ph.D. candidate and an adjunct professor in New York University's Department of Nutrition and Food Studies. He grew up in Toronto, graduated from Cornell's School of Hotel Administration, and trained as a chef in France and Italy. He lives in New York City.

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