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holiday breakfast

New Year’s Breakfast
by JJ Proville
December 2007

While tradition and a little over-indulgence are two essential ingredients for a New Year’s breakfast, the first service of the year is a demanding one that requires planning ahead in order for things to run smoothly. Chef Colin Alevras covers all the bases with these elegant yet cozy and familiar versions of popular breakfast staples: French toast, pancakes and eggs. French toast gets an overnight custard bath, pancakes are made with a yeasted buckwheat base, and grits are topped with soft-cooked deep-fried eggs.

His New York restaurant, The Tasting Room, isn’t open for New Year’s brunch this year, but the preparation that these recipes utilize beforehand is essential for fast execution when it comes time to get your aching head in the kitchen after a long night of New Year’s Eve service (and parties). When you wake up on January 1st, the dinner rolls for the French toast will have had a night to dry out and a night to soak up the custard, the pancakes’ yeast will have risen, and the grits will be gorged in water, just waiting to be cooked. And you’ll be organized and ready for action.


Cinnamon Custard French Toast
Chef Colin Alevras of The Tasting Room – New York, NY

Yeasted Buckwheat Pancakes
Chef Colin Alevras of The Tasting Room – New York, NY

Soft Cooked Fried Egg with Winter Vegetables and Grits
Chef Colin Alevras of The Tasting Room – New York, NY

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  •    Published: December 2007

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