Mother's Day on StarChefs

Mother's Day on StarChefs
Recipes Inspired by the Mothers of Celebrity Chefs and Cookbook Authors

Since the very beginning, mothers have been involved with taming fire for cooking purposes, developing cooking tools and initiating some of the first cooking techniques. Our mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters and nieces have continued as nurturers and providers for centuries upon centuries. Mother's Day is one day of the year when we take the time to give special thanks to the special nurturers in our lives. salutes all the women who have made us wonderful food throughout our lives. We salute the women who have inspired others to cook with a passion. We are especially grateful to the StarChefs who have contributed their time, recipes and enthusiasm for the art of cooking and eating to this special Mother's Day section.

Happy Mother's Day to all!!!

Thank you to the following StarChefs for sharing something about their mothers and giving us recipes for incredible sounding dishes to prepare for our families and friends:

Karen and Ben Barker
Philippe Feret
Patrick Glennon

Debbie Gold & Michael Smith

Nadsa de Monteiro-Perry

Michel Nischan