Features on StarChefs The Tough Memorial Day Decision:
Hamburgers over Hotdogs!
The hamburger: the staple of American picnic food. Hamburgers are quintessentially American, and are available virtually everywhere from fast food joints and diners to four-star dining establishments. Grilled, fried, steamed or broiled; ground chuck, sirloin, and turkey, even vegetable: the definition of “hamburger” is pretty loose, but the word still makes us salivate with the thought of juicy light pink sirloin flavored by charcoal.
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Some delicious burgers go way overboard on the ingredients (we love the decadent DB bistro foie gras and black truffle burger but would never attempt something like that at home), and some are simply sirloin and salt combined for a salivating quick meal.

Putting together a list of our favorite burger recipes was rather difficult, as we all have our own biases. Feel free to disagree with this small compilation of some stand-out burger recipes, but definitely try them. This Memorial Day, forgo the hot dog: after all, who could choose a hot dog over something as marvelous as the hamburger?