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Features A Video Tour of Intellectual Ventures Laboratory with Antoinette Bruno, Chef William Belickis, and Chef Chris Young
A Video Tour of Intellectual Ventures Laboratory with Antoinette Bruno, Chef William Belickis, and Chef Chris Young
November 2009

We’d heard rumbles in chef circles about a massive laboratory kitchen tucked away in the suburbs outside of Seattle. Some kind of warehouse of high-tech equipment of every scientific and culinary variety—the stuff of many a modernist chef’s and food scientist’s dreams. Rumors abound about what tricks and tools were being studied, tested, and even dissected, but few chefs had ever actually been inside the infamous crib of Intellectual Ventures (IV).

But one fortuitous night in Seattle (at our Seattle Rising Stars Honorees Dinner, actually), we met IV Chef Chris Young, and he invited us for an exclusive tour of the lab that Dr. Nathan Myhrvold has assembled for his mission-driven work.

Myhrvold, an inventor, accomplished scientist, former Microsoft exec, and culinary tinkerer, has three passions in life that drive his work: cooking, photography, and saving the world (finding a cure for malaria is at the top of his list). He’s assembled a team of experts to assist his efforts—from fellow scientists to chefs, photographers, and machine technicians.

Day in and day out, the IV crew finds new ways to cook and cure in their massive laboratory—check out the video interview and tour with Young for an insider’s glance.

Photos from Intellectual Ventures Laboratory

1. An industrial batch pasteurizer, typically used for pasteurizing dairy foods like ice cream.
2. A vacuum still, a homogenizer, and other tools in the laboratory.
2. A 3D printer, used for rapid prototyping molds and new tools for the laboratory.
4. Dr. Myrhvold’s photo studio
5. Dr. Myrhvold’s photo studio
6. Bisected Weber grill ready for photo shoot
7. Chef Chris Young
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    Photos by Antoinette Bruno

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