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Chef Thomas John of Mantra
Boston, MA

Curry, Lassi, Dal, Chutney, Nan.
These recipes comprise only a tiny piece of what Americans love about Indian food. One of the oldest cuisines, Indian foods feed over 3 million people, and tantalize many more. Even renowned author Mark Bittman is finally giving Indian food a closer look. StarChefs has put together a spotlight on Indian recipes, gathering techniques and formulas for authentic Indian treats from Sujit Bose of Tamarind in New York City, Thomas John of Mantra in Boston and Atul Kocchar of Benares in London.

Chef Atul Kocchar of Benares
London, UK

Chef Sujit Bose of Tamarind
New York, NY

Chef Durga Prasad of Tamarind
New York, NY