By Tejal Rao
December 2006

Chef Adam Sobel of Restaurant Guy Savoy in Las Vegas really knows how to entertain! After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 1999, Sobel was the first student to extern with Guenter Seeger in Atlanta. He then trained at Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago and opened Bradley Ogden’s at Caesar’s Palace as Chef de Cuisine. Now, in true Guy Savoy style, Sobel creates a trio of luxurious spoon-sized appetizers from the menu: composed one-bite courses of miniature dishes that focus on rich, celebratory ingredients like toro, caviar, truffles, poularde and crab. Most of the spoons can be prepped in advance on sheet pans, chilled, then garnished to order, taking the stress off garde manger to get the first courses out with the Champagne—which is, of course, what should be paired with such opulent starters.


Chef Adam Sobel of Restaurant Guy Savoy-Las Vegas, NE

Mosaique of Milk-Fed Poularde, Foie Gras, Celery Root and Black Truffle Vinaigrette

» Blue Fin Toro Tartar, Cauliflower "Cru et Cuit" with Golden Oscetra Caviar

» Peekey Toe Crab with Warm Heirloom Potatoes, White Truffle and Toasted Pecan

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