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Chef Ericka Burke of The Volunteer Café and Marketplace, Seattle on
Chef Ericka Burke
Volunteer Park Cafe & Marketplace
1501 17th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 328-3155
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Prosciutto and Egg Breakfast Panini
Chef Ericka Burke of Volunteer Park Café – Seattle, WA
Adapted by
December 2008
Yield: 1 Serving

Poached Eggs:
Dash of white vinegar
2 eggs

3 slices Gruyere cheese
2 pieces fresh, crusty white bread
3 slices prosciutto
2 teaspoons melted butter

For the Poached Eggs:
Fill a sauté pan with water and bring to a gentle boil. Add vinegar. Crack each egg and allow egg to roll down the side of pan into water. Use a slotted spoon to fold egg whites toward the center of the yolk. Remove eggs from pan when yolks have set up, but are still gooey. Do not overcook. Reserve eggs for sandwich.

For the Panini:
Place cheese slices on one piece of bread. Top with prosciutto slices and reserved poached eggs.  Top with remaining slice of bread. Brush with melted butter and place on panini grill.* Grill until golden brown, ensuring the yolks do not get overcooked.

*If you do not have a panini grill, toast the sandwich in a broiler or toaster oven.

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