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Video Interview with Chef Geert Van Hecke of De Karmeliet–Belgium

Chef/Owner Geert Van Hecke of De Karmeliet-Belgium
March 2010

Flemish Chef Geert Van Hecke trained with legendary Nouvelle Cuisine proponent Chef Alain Chapel before returning to his native Belgium to open his now three-star Michelin restaurant, De Karmeliet. Known for its unstuffy, elegant take on contemporary European cuisine, De Karmeliet is one of Van Hecke’s two restaurants in the picturesque city of Bruges, the other being a more casual contemporary brasserie named Bistro Refter. In this video interview filmed at De Karmeliet, Chef-owner Geert Van Hecke discusses his creative process, the importance of his French training, and his views on European culinary philosophies.

Video: Chef Geert Van Hecke of De Karmeliet—Belgium

De Karmeliet Restaurant
Langestraat 19
8000 Bruges,
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