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Father’s Day 2006
Bring the Kids into the Kitchen This Father’s Day

By Minna Suh

This Father’s Day, create a menu that kids and dads can cook together. A special class set in your restaurant will provide a fun bonding activity for fathers and their children and a great way to make daytime revenue on the holiday typically spent at home.

Simplify the recipes so that the kids may do most of the hands-on preparation. Include basic recipes that are both accessible and keep costs down. Incorporate one or two more sophisticated recipes to introduce new flavors to the curious. It’s also a way to put excess product from inventory to use. » more

Isabella and Olivia Gerasole of

Pulled Pork Sandwiches
» Baked Apples
» Homemade Ice Cream

This year we’re featuring Isabella and Olivia Gerasole, winners of the James Beard Foundation’s first ever Best Webcast Award. The Gerasole sisters – Olivia age 8 and Isabella age 10 – use their site, Spatulatta.com, to get kids cooking in the kitchen. They teach young viewers how to prepare healthy meals and to help them develop a better understanding of where food comes from. Here the girls share their Father’s Day recipes for saucy, spicy pulled pork sandwiches and a dessert of juicy baked apples and homemade ice cream.

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   Published: June 2006