When temperatures heat up, everything gets pared down - shirts loosen, shoes become open-toed, and dining out goes alfresco. Likewise, chefs adjust their restaurant menus to include light, refreshing, seasonally appropriate dishes that satisfy down-sized summer appetites. » more

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With the influx of fresh vegetables that make brief appearances based on seasonality and availability, chefs aspiring to truly seasonal menus must be in tune with the rhythm of the markets. And no chef is more aware of the summer market schedule than Tony Liu of August, whose savory creations are culled from the Mediterranean and Spanish coastlines, where people know a thing or two about warm-weather dining. Grilled baby leeks, simply prepared with nothing but a coat of olive oil and the flames of a grill, are accompanied by the nutty, paprika-spiked flavors of romesco, a classic sauce from Catalonia, Spain. Simultaneously straightforward and multifaceted, Liu’s summer fresh recipes are the perfect way for guests to fuel up while trying to stay cooled down.

   Published: July 2005