Spring Produce Gone Wild

Spring is sprung. The farmers’ markets that have been stacked with uniform piles of apples during the seemingly interminable fall and winter are now flaunting the fresh delights of the season. Delicate leaves of fragrant mint, purdy pink rhubarb stalks and sexy scallions call out like sirens. Let these provocative recipes reawaken your palate to the flavors of springtime.

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Chef Pino Bodoni of Escopazzo
Asparagus Flan with Mushrooms and Fonduta

Chef Thomas John of Mantra

Rice Flaked Foie Gras on Rhubarb Chutney

Maui Onions:
Chef Troy N. Thompson of Jer-ne

Maui Onion Tarts

Porcini Mushrooms:
Chef Celestino Drago of Enoteca Drago
Insalata Di Funghi Porcini e Parmigiano (Porcini Mushroom Salad with Parmigiano)

New Potatoes:
Chef Scott Boswell of Stella!
Truffle Scented New Potato Hash

Spring Onions:
Chef Brack May of Cobalt
Shrimp with Country Ham, Oven-dried Tomatoes and Sexy Scallion Grits

Chef Michael Vernon of Geisha
Slivers of Hamachi with Ruby Red Grapefruit and Fresh Mint

Chef John Wabeck of Firefly
Roasted Beet Salad with Goat Cheese and Market Greens

Cherry Tomatoes:
Chef Michael Rodriguez of Metro Kitchen and Bar

Pan Seared Sea Bass, Wild Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes, and Black Truffle Vinegar Gastrique


   Published: July 2004